Earlier last month Samsung announced the all-new Galaxy Tab S7 tablets. When it comes to tablet technology in Android, Samsung is the best you can have. And from what we know, the new Galaxy Tab S7 is far better than its predecessor the Galaxy Tab S6. But Apple is no slouch either, their new iPad Pro 2020 is undoubtedly the best tablet currently out there. With a lightning-fast processor, the iPad Pro 2020 is a beast of a machine for a mere tablet. Can the new Galaxy Tab S7, releasing this September 18, surpass the current titan in tablet technology? Can Samsung surprise us? Let’s find out.

Behind the price tags:

The new Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor, the latest in the series. The Plus variant is reportedly 10% faster than the normal Snapdragon 865. Along with this, it comes 5G-ready. On release in September, the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus will have multiple versions with different memory and storage but it starts with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. All this tech is backed by an 8,000 mAh, while the S7 Plus has a slightly larger 10,090 mAh. The tech beneath both the tabs is similar and you shouldn’t expect a performance difference between the two. But the larger S7 Plus, with a 12.4-inch display, is the only one with a Super AMOLED display and an in-display fingerprint scanner. The normal S7, which is 11 inches, has a fingerprint scanner on the side instead.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus color varients

The iPad Pro 2020 is another beast altogether. Powerful enough to provide laptop level performance, the tablet sports an octa-core Apple A12Z Bionic processor, which is the best chipset currently in the market. It starts with 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage and goes up to 1TB of storage, which is quite good for a mere tablet. The 11-inch Pro comes with a 28.65-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, while the 12.9-inch has a larger 36.71-watt-hour version. This provides up to 10 hours of mixed-use on a single charge. The 11-inch versions start at $799 while the 12.9-inch versions start at $999.

Apple ipad 11 and 12.9″ models

Samsung VS Apple:

The age-old rivalry will be put to a stern test this time. Both make constant attempts to surpass each other and this time is no different. For starters, off the bat, Samsung gets an automatic plus one due to the price. This isn’t too surprising as Apple always usually has higher prices than most other giants in the tech space. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 starts at $649 while the iPad Pro 2020 starts at $799, for the 11-inch versions. It is $849 for the 12.4-inch Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, while the 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts at $999. If you compare the specs, the Galaxy Tab S7 Is a clear winner and the lower price range gives the point to Samsung. So far things seem to be in Samsung’s favor, but how do they compare in their other features and functionality?

  • Display:

If we compare the displays, the Galaxy Tab S7 comes in at a higher resolution, the 11-inch display with a resolution of 2560×1600. While the iPad Pro’s 11-inch display inches close at 2388×1668. But both the companies pay an incredible amount of attention to their display. Hence, there is no real point in comparing the quality, as both will have crisp vivid colours. What will be relevant to compare will be the aspect ratios. Apple uses a 4:3 aspect ratio which is much better for productivity and work-related activity.

iPad Pro’s display

The Samsung on the other hand sports an aspect ratio close to 16:9, as it’s an Android tablet, which is good for movies or media. But productivity lessens as the screen feels tight and cramped. Hence, it is more dependant on what the user is looking for in their product. But the super AMOLED display that the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus will have maybe even crisper than the iPad’s display. While the resolution will obviously be higher on Apple’s 12.9-inch screen, the S7+ has a more vibrant screen due to the super AMOLED display.

Galaxy Tab S7 Display
  • Performance:

An area in which Apple wins over Samsung is performance. While the specs of the Tab S7 are superior to the iPad Pro, the iPad Pro is a processing powerhouse. The tablet sports an A12Z Bionic SoC processor which provides a surprising amount of power, with a performance that rivals even that of laptops. Backed with its GPU cores, the iPad Pro even delivers significant graphic performance. Though the Galaxy Tab S7 will be sporting a Snapdragon 865+ chipset, Samsung will have to at least double the performance of its older Tab S6 to catch up to the performance of Apple. Though it is unlikely that Samsung will be able to achieve this with the current Snapdragon series, we can only wait and see if the chipset holds up against Apple.

  • Camera:

The iPad Pro comes with a new 10-megapixel ultra-wide lens that complements the normal 12-megapixel wide rear lens. Additionally, the rear camera possesses a LiDAR scanner, a technology that allows the iPad to create a spatial map of the environment around you for augmented reality apps. The front camera is a 7-megapixel TrueDepth camera. Additionally, the iPad Pro shoots video up to 4K. The cameras are very accurate and colour correct and do relatively well in low light as well. A few drawbacks are that portrait mode and night mode is only available on the front camera and not on the rear one. This may be an annoyance for people wanting to use the tablet for photography purposes.

iPad Pro’s Camera module with LiDAR sensor

The Galaxy Tab S7s come with 13-megapixel and 5-megapixel dual lenses on the back and with an 8-megapixel on the front. Photos appear incredibly detailed and solid clarity.  The S7 too can shoot video up to 4K. Though Apple’s 10-megapixel ultra-wide is far superior to Samsung’s 5-megapixel rear lens, the Galaxy Tab S7’s 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera will likely be more useful to the average user considering the features it will have over Apple and the clarity in day to day photography due to the better 13-megapixel camera. So we may as well curb this point to Samsung, even though the camera specs are almost similar.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Camera setup
  • Accessories:

Moving onto the accessories, the Galaxy Tab S7s automatically get another point. This is because the new tablet’s S pen stylus comes free with the tab, while the iPad Pro’s second-generation Apple Pencil costs $129. Though the Apple Pencil’s 9-ms response time beat all of Samsungs older stylus options, the new S pen benchmarked at 9-ms. Now tied with Apple’s, the point will go to Samsung because of the cost of Apple pencil. However, the Apple Pencil is more convenient as it is easier to dock it on the side of the device. The S7’s stylus goes on the back of the device and with a case on your tab, it would be in a separate compartment that you have to open and close. Tiring!

Apple iPad snaps Apple Pencil on the side
Samsung Tab S7’s S-Pen attaches to the back

The iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard is incredibly stylish and the tablet looks like it’s floating above the keys. But this cool factor comes with a price and a hefty one. The keyboard starts at $299 with separate options when bought together with the tablets. It is incredibly responsive and the keys melt like snow when pressed. The floating hinge also allows for far more effective viewing angles.

Apple Magic Keyboard

If the Galaxy Tab S7’s keyboard is like the older S6’s then they will have to step up their game to be able to compete with Apple’s incredible magic keyboard. The S6’s BookCover Keyboard costs $179 so we can expect the S7’s price point to be around that. The S6 had a cramped keyboard with smaller keys for a few buttons but they fixed that problem with the newer keyboard. The keys feel good and comfortable but to be able to compete with Apple’s Magic Keyboard, they’ll require a lot more than just comfy keys. This point goes to Apple as well.

Samsung Tab S7 keyboard
  • Functionality:

Functionality-wise the iPad would be more effective as it has a faster chip and the aspect ratio suits productivity. Another major point is the density of tablet-focused apps. Apple has a huge number of high-quality apps in the App Store which are built especially for the tablet. A large deal of these boost productivity and functionality of the tablet. Android can’t compete in this aspect. For demanding professions like design or art the iPad would be loaded with tons of apps boosting productivity for them. Android’s Play Store isn’t developed enough in this one area.

Plus with Apple’s new LiDAR tech, developers can build more augmented reality apps. Like with IKEA’s App where you can place AR furniture through your camera to see how they would look in your house, the placement is now instant with the new AR tech. Samsung has more downside in functionality because the iPad is built with utility in mind, even the position of the stylus is more convenient on the iPad.

Apple’s LiDAR tech live in action on the IKEA app

What to choose: Galaxy tab S7 or iPad Pro?

In the end, the decision will fall on the consumer to see which they like better or what suits their needs best. You also need to consider the software. The Pro runs on iPadOS while the S7s run on Android. Only you can decide what you prefer. But overall, considering everything, the Galaxy Tab S7+ seems to be the better option currently. While the iPad Pro is far productive and ergonomically convenient, it costs an insane amount. Especially if you want to bundle in the accessories, the Pro will rip several holes through your pockets. And since the S7 is based on Android, the software will have a lot more freedom and customization. It also has a more vibrant screen making it the perfect device for any media streaming.

For the average consumer, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 series will be the perfect device to work, play, and have fun on. Plus, god blesses our wallets with the S7, the Pro is a money-eating demon.