Boat is known to provide budget-friendly earphones with great quality. Sometimes it is confusing for consumers to find what feature suits them best. In this article, we will be doing a comparison of two entry segment earphones. So read on and get to know which Boat bassheads works best for you.

Build quality

Both earphone are in 100 series of Boat and available with the tangle-free dual-tone braided cable wire. Both earphones have launched with an inline mic. The inline mic is very handy during calls and while playing games like PUBG. A very important feature to keep in mind that both earphones support any Voice Assistant. With a click of the inline mic button, you can activate the voice search with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Boat Bassheads 152 (19g) has a metal and plastic built. It comes with a secure fit and tilted ear cups which are very comfortable to use. On the other hand, Boat Bassheads 162 (15 gram) has a complete plastic built which makes it very lightweight. Earcups are simple to fit and not tilted which makes it less comfortable than the other. Gold plated 3.5 mm angled jack is also available. They are very convenient for day to day usage.

Sound Quality of the Boat Bassheads

Bassheads 152 provides balanced HD sound output with the right amount of bass and good clarity. It has a balanced frequency output in low, mid, and high frequency range. Bassheads 162 sound output is very much bass focused with average music quality. Other Frequency outputs is very much average. Both earphones boast of a 10mm dynamic driver. It provides passive noise cancellation.

Bassheads 152 and 162 come in Red, Blue, and White Black colour. Boat is providing a one year warranty. My experience says their service is always on point and they rarely disappoint. They are available over Amazon, Flipkart, and Boat website. Their price generally remains under $7 (Rs.500) but sometimes it fluctuates during festive and offers seasons.

Our thoughts

If you are a casual music listener then bassheads 152 is your cup of tea. But if you are a bass fanatic then Bassheads 162 would be perfectly suited for you in this price range.

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