MKBHD, Marques Keith Brownlee, is a leading tech YouTuber and is one of the best tech reviewers on the platform. He has been on YouTube for a very long time and he produces quality, in-depth videos about gadgets like new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, games, and all things tech (recently even a car). He has a following of over 12 million subscribers and has a total of 2 billion views to date. In one of his latest YouTube videos, MKBHD interviews Mark Zuckerberg, the renowned Facebook CEO. They talked about the future of AR and VR, holograms, and a lot more about the future of technology and how exciting it will be.

AR, VR, and what the future has to hold:

MKBHD interviews Mark Zuckerberg about his vision for the Oculus company and the related AR, VR tech. Zuckerberg commented that he thought that the next wave of everyday technology will be based around augmented reality and virtual reality. He stated how phones are powerful computers that fit in your pocket, but in the end, they are a screen. This is anything but immersive. Zuckerberg explained that AR and VR might be a way to make this experience more immersive. His idea of good AR would be a technology that actually had a sense of presence and reality. But he admitted that there is a long line of tech that needs to be developed before that can be made possible. He talks about the Oculus Virtual Reality platform and the AR glasses. He states that they are constantly working on them. What they are trying to develop is that very sense of presence.

Facebook's Oculus Rift AR Glass in 2016
Facebook’s Oculus Rift AR Glass in 2016

MKBHD chimes in here and talks about the implementation of that technology in his own YouTube videos and tech reviews. Zuckerberg even claimed that Facebook is probably investing the most in Virtual and Augmented reality than anyone else in the world right now.

Why do that?

Well, if the next platform of everyday tech wants to replace smartphones it is going to have to offer a new experience combined with massive functionality. One really good way to do this is wearable AR tech. And that’s a bold statement. Something that can replace smartphones or even substitute slightly for is a huge market that has a lot of potential. Facebook seems to be arriving early so that they can be the first ones to capitalize on it. Mark even said that he is excited about the future of wearable technology. It can be used as a phone but instead it will augment their reality. While also providing unique features and functionality. This will actually make for a rather insane experience but he admits that technology isn’t quite there yet.

In other equally important news, they also talked about the phone in Mark’s pocket, and surprisingly it was an Android. Zuckerberg claimed that he was a big fan of Samsung’s and that they make great phones. A welcome surprise from one of the richest people in the world. What do you think about our future? Do you think AR will take over our everyday lives? Let us know in the comments!