The Government of India has banned PUBG mobile among 118 other apps. PUBG Mobile has been under the government’s scrutiny for quite a while now. The amount of user data Tencent stores was a potential safety concern to the sovereignty, integrity, defence of India and public order. The move has left a lot of PUBG mobile users high and dry. Moreover, this is the third time of GOI banning popular Chinese apps. Let’s take a look back at the previous digital strikes as well.

The series of bans began with the shut down of 59 apps among which was TikTok. Soon after, the ministry of electronics and information technology released a list of other 47 apps. Although everyone was predicting (Ministry hinted the possibility that PUBG mobile might be banned last month) PUBG mobile didn’t make into the list till then. And then today GOI released another list of 118 apps including PUBG mobile marking the end of the much played BR game. The Ministry of IT cites the reason for the ban as “prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of the state and public order”. But it’s not hard to make the correlation between the app ban and the heightened tensions between the two nations.

Final thoughts on PUBG mobile ban

Even though everyone expected this way earlier but people still stayed hopeful. Many a gamer were relieved when PUBG mobile announced security and terms of condition change. The new policy was emphasizing user data privacy and security. Tencent took it as a precautionary measure. But sometimes we need to read among the lines to get the complete picture. What will the future of this widely played mobile game holds is still to be seen. But as far as India is concerned PUBG mobile has been banned. Sadly but surely. Regardless, the game has inspired many other BR games that are a good alternative for PUBG mobile. And if there’s any workaround this ban we will surely keep you updated. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Great and much awaited step by the govt.
    This will put an end to fights which used to happen in many homes like mine. 😂
    Finally a sigh of relief for many parents. 😅

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