The new POCO X3 NFC launched today at 5 PM IST in an exciting virtual launch event. Early this week, the company released multiple cryptic tweets and puzzles hinting and teasing the specifications of the device. In this unique marketing strategy, the company even promised 10 free POCO X3 NFCs and 100 free wireless headphones for everyone who solves it. A surefire strategy for creating market buzz and excitement. The company originally invited everyone to solve the puzzle on AliExpress, a Chinese e-retailer. But a vast majority of them took to Twitter itself to solve the puzzles. When solved, the puzzles revealed some key specifications of the phone.

The new mid-range phone is quiet the marvel with features and specs which can easily rival major mid-range devices like the Samsung A71 for two/thirds the price. It was confirmed that the new device is the successor of the older POCO X2. POCO seems to be heavily targeting gaming with this device as well. They revealed many gaming-related features and gave more attention to the segment in the launch as well.

Comparison with samsung galaxy a71

Specifications of the POCO X3 NFC:

From the puzzles, we already found out that the phone is going to have a super crisp 120Hz display. It will also sport the latest Snapdragon 732G, the leading 4G chipset in 2020, and will be the first phone to do. The picture even revealed that the phone will super-fast flagship rate 240Hz touch latency. The last puzzle revealed the price, which starts at 229 Euros. AliExpress later also published a page dedicated to teasing a few more specifications of the phone.

The phone will also sport a 5160 mAh battery with 33 W fast charging available. POCO claims that the battery life will last an incredible 2 days on one charge. They said it could last through 10 hours of gaming and around 17 hours of video playback. And the fast charge is no joke either, with the ability to charge from 0 to full in 65 minutes. The phone will have a 6.67-inch FHD+ display with a 20-megapixel front camera. It will also have a thrilling quad-camera setup with a 64-megapixel rear main camera. The other three cameras are an 8-megapixel ultra-wide, a 5-megapixel macro camera, and a 2-megapixel depth camera.

Poco X3 nfc

There are 2 variants of the phone, one of them is the standard version with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage which costs 229 Euros (around Rs 19,800). The other variant comes with 128GB of storage and 6 of RAM and costs 269 Euros (around Rs 23,300). The company is offering early bird prices for the sale starting on September 8, 199 Euro for the standard version, and 249 Euro for the upgraded version. The internal storage is also expandable to up to 256 GB. The phones will be available in multiple colors.

Poco X3 nfc

Design and features:

Poco X3 nfc

The POCO X3 NFC has a pleasant and elegant design. It has 3D rounded corners with a glossy back finish. The back has a slightly big bump for the camera. It comes with a combined fingerprint scanner and power button which is fit ergonomically on the side of the device for ease of access. POCO is also known for its heating pipes which keeps their devices cooler than most other rival counterparts and this phone is no different. In fact, this time the device uses Liquid Cool technology 1.0 plus which is a 70% larger heat pipe than POCO’s older versions. The device is also covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 5 in the front for protection.

What we also have to pay attention to is the refresh rate, its main selling point. A 120 Hz refresh rate isn’t rare in the mobile industry. You usually find it on high-end flagship devices like the OnePlus 8 Pro. This is notably the first phone in this price range to have a 120 Hz refresh rate. And it is backed by smart dynamic software that only enables the 120 Hz rate when it is required, saving on a ton of battery life. The 240 Hz touch sampling rate is also superb and according to Poco “33% better than most flagship phones”.

To add to the long list of features, the phone also boasts a dual stereo speaker setup with one of each side. This provides an immersive media and gaming experience that is quite rare in mobile phones these days. What is crazy is that the speakers have individual dust blasters. Yes, you read that correctly. Dust blasters which you can turn on at the tap of a button to clean the speakers. Talk about attention to detail!

New Camera Features

The POCO X3 NFC is run on Android 10 based MIUI 12 with POCO Launcher 2. The phone also will be receiving consistent updates for at least 3 years. Another unique feature is that they made Kernel Source available for users directly as launch, allowing for a full range of customization options and complete freedom over the device. Software features also include a few quirky camera technologies. The camera comes with several unique filters like Gold mode or Cyberpunk mode. It also comes with the latest AI Skyscaping 3.0 technology which allows you to change the background sky to multiple super cool presets. It even has a super fun, trippy Kaldesiscope mode which produces a unique effect on camera. Pretty nifty I’d say because they all look seriously incredible.

Best Mid-Range Phone?

The POCO X3 NFC starts at a price of 229 Euros (around Rs 19,800), a medium budget price range like its predecessor. The X2 was widely regarded as the best phone under ₹ 20,000 when it launched. The X3 might dominate as well. Its specs match that of much more expensive mid-range phones and sometimes even exceed them like the Samsung A71, with 15 min difference in the time required for a full charge, refresh rate, and many other features. Plus, the phone has multiple specs that can only be matched by high-end devices like the Samsung S20+, for its 120 Hz refresh rate.

The specifications and design and make of the phone are absolutely solid and as people start to use it and compare, the X3 will certainly amaze tons upon tons of people. It is a beautiful, powerful device with extremely strong attention to detail and absolutely dirt cheap for what it is, especially considering the early bird price of 199 Euros. If you’ve been looking for an upgrade, then this is definitely it.