A few weeks back Xiaomi launched Mi Curved Gaming Monitor in Europe and other markets. It seems like the smartphone company is now ready to get its hands dirty in the gaming monitor world. The specs and looks are solid and the price is also decent at around €399 (₹35,000)


Xiaomi never failed to cheer its customers with solid specs and that too at affordable prices. Mi Curved Gaming Monitor comes with a huge 34″ curved screen with a curvature of 1500R. This provides better immersion than common 1800R displays. It has a WQHD (3440 x 1440) resolution which is brilliant along with a support of 144Hz which not a lot of monitor are able to reach.

Product listing states that it has a response time of 4ms which is normal for IPS/VA panel type of displays. And the contrast ratio of 3000:1 along with the brightness of 300 cd/m² is pretty common.


Since the resolution of this size and frame rate this high requires a lot of bandwidth, it is good that they are supporting DisplayPort 1.4. It has 2 HDMI2.0 and 2 DP1.4 ports and is providing 1 DisplayPort cable along with the box. This is thoughtful of them as most of the manufacturers don’t do that.

Coming to the adjustability, it supports height adjustment and rotation only. Having a tilt adjustment would have been great but a monitor of this size I wouldn’t wanna touch it after putting it on gaming desk lol.

Our thoughts on Mi Curved Gaming Monitor

This gaming monitor is so awesome that it is too much ahead of its time. Even the most powerful graphics card in the market like Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti struggles a lot in AAA games to achieve a stable 100FPS for QHD (2550 x 1440). So, this graphic card which costs around EUR 1149 (Rs. 115000 in India) is going to perform much lower for WQHD and generate even lower frames (~below 100FPS).

Our final thought is that this could be the best buy if you don’t expect too much from your graphics card. Nonetheless, you can enjoy watching movies and playing games on a lower resolution. Although, that’s going to look blurry but your frame rates would be high and experience would be smooth.

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